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Welcome to DeadC0deShop!

Welcome to, we aim to provide you with the best cheats you can find in the net, our cheats are kernel device based (Ring0) which provide you with an extra layer of security and safety, other providers will not be able to provide you with such security, Our cheats have never been detected since the release date by the main anticheat's softwares, such like Valve Anticheat, PunkBuster, BattleEyes, and many other's, reason why people choose us, 3 years undetection strike is what make us different compared to others cheat providers, We are also a league based cheat website and so we support external anticheats such like EasyAnticheat, ESLWire, ESEA Client and many others, if your scope is stay safe and not buying game accounts every month due of detections or if your just sick of detections then your in the right place, enjoy your stay.

3 Years up and running anniversary!

Hello people!

We want to thanks everybody!, today is our 3* year anniversary, we want to say thanks to everybody that supported us during the past years and to everybody helped us to keep this website as fresh as possible!

To every customer, please take a look at this thread:
private vote!

x64 bit support released!

We proud to announce that our cheats does fully support windows at 64bit.
Windows Vista
Windows Seven
Wndows 8 / 8.1

Are the list of supported x64 bit systems, we want to precise that our cheats are protected with a kernel device driver, reason of the why the development / porting of the current 32bit drivers is been so slowly during the past months, we want to thanks you for your patience during the past months, the porting is now THERE and live, the first world driver protected cheat to support x64bit systems is there !
Take your chance to stay safe, join us and enjoy your stay.
Best regards.

Why do People Choose us?

Well, several people likes to pm' us and ask about our cheats either to make a Pre Sale question thread in the forum, so we gonna list you a few reasons of the "Why do People Choose us?"
As first thing, and probably the main reason is that we have a very good reputation about the CoD series cheats, almost every cod player which is playing competitive knows us as the first cod series cheat provider, reason for that is that we were the only and first TZAC/Wire ( main kernel mode anticheats for cod2/cod4 ) cheat provider, which provided a real and safe product to the players who take advantages with our cheats for about 3 years now.
As second thing, due of the high amount of players which were addicted to our cod cheats due the fact we never been detected a single time, suggested us to code a cheat for other know games like the source engine ( CSS,CSGO mainly ).

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