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    This hack makes the game worthwhile!

    I was really tired of spamming the W key for hours in order to see someone. This game has been great fun since using DC's work. So much so that I purchased the first month for a buddy to use, needless to say im sure DC has a new c customer once his first month sub runs out.

    The ESP is perfect, and the loot finder is great too. I know DC has talked about some minor updates to the loot ESP which will only make things better. If you're playing DAYz without this cheat I feel sorry for you! lol ... Not too mention some people were talking about a mass ban wave with other providers on Dayz just a few days ago..well not for deadcode! (obviously) ... I have been rocking deadcode on dayz for quite some time and I highly doubt any issues are going to come of it.

    Great job! I highly recommend.

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    I'm very happy that you have found a hacking-home on here! Enjoy your stay and feel free to recommend it to as many friends as possible.


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