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    Honest review dayz sa

    Hello all,

    This will be my own personal honest review.
    First some numbers:

    Security: 10/10
    Esp: 7/10
    Overall Experience: 8/10

    The security of the hack is truly amazing. Yes i had to do several steps, but it is only meant to keep us all safe.

    Now the reason i made esp score a 7 is because for some reason, i crash a lot and the esp suddenly keeps hanging.
    Also it is not adjustable, and there are not many esp options yet.

    However, all the esp that is available is truly amazing. With the numbers u see, u can calculate your position on the map and distance to other players and zombies.
    So i am a very happy customer, and i am glad this hack is available. It is the only safe working esp hack for DayZ SA.

    I noticed this site has some sort of bad reputation, which could be jealousy or something i dont know.
    However this hack is pretty good to me, and so i had to fight several people on other forums, standing up for this site.
    Other sites can't win any arguments, because this site is the best.

    As a hacker for many games over the years, and a prof. BF2 gamer (long ago, very long ago.) i can def say this hack is truly worth it.


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    Get your Subscription HERE - the safest way to cheat on online games.

    Best Regards, Deadc0de-Shop Admin.

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